The Core

Spinal Fitness System™ by MedX®
Strength Fitness proudly utilizes The Core Spinal Fitness System by MedX to build, strengthen and stabilize your core (a collection of more than 20 muscles that support the spine—not just the “abs”). A truly fit, strong and flexible core provides the required foundation for all physical performance.

// A medically based workout that develops 4 ESSENTIAL FACTORS for spinal health: STRENGTH, STABILITY, FLEXIBILITY AND ENDURANCE

// Clinically STUDIES PROVE that MedEx ecercise therapy relieves pain, restores function and reduces the need for spinal surgeries

// Exercise sessions are brief, only 15-30 MINUTES, TWICE A WEEK

// Targeted muscle isolation. Bio-mechanical precision. Measurable results. SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT.

// Direct benefits for daily activities and athletics&mash;GOLF, Tennis, Baseball, Etc.

// Originally DESIGNED TO REHABILITATE paients with chronic low back pain, but also highly effective for prevention of back injuries