Dennis MacGillivray // Mountain Climber
I credit Brian Gatewood, owner of Strength Fintess, for playing a pivotal role in preparing me to achieve a goal I have been pursuing for 24 years.

THE GOAL: To summit Mt. McGillivray in the Canadian Rockies—and do it before turning 50. I had failed twice, near the top, due to inadequate preparation. Both attempts ended in extreme pain.

THE PREPARATION: Six weeks of methodical, escalating strength training, daily practice trekking with a 40-pound pack, an effective regime of supplements and hydration, two practice mountains for acclimation, and one change in descent technique that eliminated what was heretofore, chronic, debilitating knee pain. Brain let no detail slip by; he advised me on topics such as hydration, diet, supplements, muscle group development, practice regimes inside and outside the gym, proper posture, effective breathing techniques…the list goes on.

THE RESULT: Asscending the mountain, I was thankful for every last excruciating lunge Brain had insisted on and surprised with the consistency of my heart rate, in spite of the steady pace up an endless steep incline. Much of the terrain was unstable, requiring constant reaction to moving hand and footholds. On day two, we summited, returned to base camp, collected our gear and descended off the mountain in 10 hours. It was a great reward to come back victorious—and pain-free—I actually found that I had reserved energy this time! I turned 50 the next day.

James R. Berg, M.D., S.C. // Orthopedic Surgeon
I am an orthopedic surgion in my 70s with degenerative disk disease. I wore a back brace whenever I was working in my yard and had always treated my back problems with flexion strengthening exercises. Since using the back extension program at Strength Fitness, I no longer need to wear a brace and my stamina is greatly improved. This program has helped me to be proactive in keeping myself stronger and healthy to prevent an injury. In addition, several colleagues I see on a regular basis have commented on how I appear younger and have a more commanding appearance.

Paula Esser // Cancer Survivor
I am a breast cancer survivor who went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I felt extremely weak to the point where I couldn’t even do everyday tasks—I couldn’t even carry in a grocery bag to the house. From the start, Strength Finess helped me to regain my strength. I was able to complete everyday tasks and more. After more than a year with Strength Finess I feel better than I did before my cancer diagnosis. Strength Fintess provides workouts that are safe and trainers that are knowledgeable in working with a wide variety of fitness needs. I would highly recommend Strength Fitness to any cancer survivors.